Ukulele Lessons


We finished our final ukulele lesson in style yesterday with a jamming session! We learnt this tune in 5 minutes at the end of the lesson. Thank you to Mr Reed for all your help this year!

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  1. My homework,

    I love all the science projects and I really enjoyed it and it was fun.I learned alot and discovered interesting things.


  2. This was a really great lesson and I enjoyed it very much. I want to say thanks to Mr Reed for getting time to teach us some amazing songs. He has been so much help and I cant wait to play the ukelele in year 5.


  3. My Homework

    I really enjoyed science through out the year and I had a lot of fun when we learnt about water also maths was really challenging and fun so was literacy and last but not least ukelele was cool and fun.:-)


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