The Jumblies


We are learning to recite a famous poem called The Jumblies! Here is a video of the poem!

The poem was written by a man called Edward Lear. What can you find out about him? Can you find any of his other nonsense poems?

edward lear

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  1. I learnt this year is that you should never give even if something hard and that you should give it a try .You should always ask for more and more to get you ready when you grow up .


  2. I love the Jumblies because they are prepared for anything as well as for surviving in sieve and crockery jar and in 20 years later they came back tall.


  3. I learned about Edward Lear on the wikipedia and it said he was a poet who had illnesses and his adult diaries indicated that he always sensed the onset of a seizure in time to remove himself from public view.I also wanted to say what a FANTASTIC year I had in 4KW and to thank Miss Weston for teaching me so much!!!


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