Refugee Week


In aid of Refugee Week next week, Year 4 put on an exhibition of monologues and poetry they have written. Thanks to Holly from the Birmingham Rep, Year 4 were able to put themselves in the shoes of a refugee and really think about how it feels to be moved so far away from home.

Each member of Year 4 brought in an object (e.g. a football, a bracelet, a teddy) and imagined the story a refugee child might have related to it. The result was some fantastic writing!

Well done Year 4; we are so impressed! Thank you to parents who donated to a worthy cause. Read more about Refugee Week by clicking the picture.


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  1. Hi Year 4, my class really enjoyed visiting your refugee exhibition on Friday. I have posted some photos on the 3TD blog. Well done for thinking so deeply about what it must be like to be a refugee. I really enjoyed reading and listening to your work.
    Mrs Desborough (aka Miss Newman).


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