Ukulele rocks!


We’re having such a great time learning the ukulele and we already have lots of tunes under our belts thanks to Mr Reed! It’s really important to practise at home so that you keep improving! The tunes we have been learning are all on these websites:

Happy practising!

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  1. I love playing the ukulele i have a pink one and we do it on Wednesdays it was fun when we started to play it. I never new that we were going to play the ukulele. I really love playing it it is really lovely to play the ukulele I LOVE PLAYING THE UKULELE I LOVE 4KW AND MISS WESTON


  2. I love playing the ukulele.I love our ukulele teacher hes nice. I have a blue one! My mum has filmed me playing and sent it to everyone in my family.Its exiting.


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