The Jumblies


We are learning to recite a famous poem called The Jumblies! Here is a video of the poem!

The poem was written by a man called Edward Lear. What can you find out about him? Can you find any of his other nonsense poems?

edward lear

RE: Creation


We have been looking at creation stories from different religions in RE this half term. Today we are looking at Big Bang Theory – a scientific theory about the creation of the universe. Click on the image to research Big Bang Theory and answer the questions you have been given!

Your task today will be to compare Big Bang Theory with one creation story we learnt about last week. What are the similarities and differences? Is there any way that the theories could get along?

Refugee Week


In aid of Refugee Week next week, Year 4 put on an exhibition of monologues and poetry they have written. Thanks to Holly from the Birmingham Rep, Year 4 were able to put themselves in the shoes of a refugee and really think about how it feels to be moved so far away from home.

Each member of Year 4 brought in an object (e.g. a football, a bracelet, a teddy) and imagined the story a refugee child might have related to it. The result was some fantastic writing!

Well done Year 4; we are so impressed! Thank you to parents who donated to a worthy cause. Read more about Refugee Week by clicking the picture.


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